Celebrating Daphne Robinson

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Program & Operations Manager Daphne Robinson joined the WITS team in 2015 when WITS brought on the Rochelle Lee Teacher Award (RLTA) as part of our program portfolio. Prior to that, Daphne managed RLTA operations and programming for three years as a team member of Boundless Readers. Daphne taught elementary students for three years in CPS.

Today, Daphne manages the ins and outs of RLTA, acting as the primary liaison between RLTA Awardees and WITS. She supports them through the application process, registering for and attending Summer Institute, and supervises the Study Group coaching process so that all Awardees can benefit most from the program. Join us in celebrating Daphne Robinson!

A Dependable Colleague

“Daphne makes everything she does look effortless, even though her job, especially this year, is anything but. I’ll always be grateful for her leadership.” -Annie Kennedy, WITS Community Manager

“Adapting an entire professional development program to a virtual model is no easy task, and Daphne put in a lot of time and energy into providing an effective space for teachers to learn and collaborate. This year, I was a first time facilitator of BRI (Becoming Readers Institute), a session for teachers to reflect on their own experiences and identities as readers. Daphne provided helpful information and answered my questions so I could feel prepared beforehand. During the session, she assisted with tech and communication needs so that there would be less burden on us as facilitators. I’m fortunate enough to work with Daphne as a member of the WITS staff, and I appreciate everything Daphne has done for the RLTA Summer Institute and for our team.” -Shawn Bush, WITS Program Manager

“I’m so lucky to get to work with Daphne! She’s really been a one-woman-show this summer when it comes to Summer Institute for our teachers, and she does it all with such kindness, patience, and attention to detail. Speaking of…did I mention how organized she is?? She didn’t even miss a beat when we had to transition to virtual workshops – everything about virtual Summer Institute has been flawless.  Not to mention that Daphne is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. What a treat it is to work with her!” -Kristen Strobbe, WITS Chief Program Officer

An Invaluable Resource for Educators

“One of the reasons I return each year is Daphne! I know I can count on her to be organized and positive. I admire her passion for reading and teaching!” – Adrienne DiSabatino

“For many of us, Daphne is the heart of WITS. Few of us could manage the organizational behemoth that is the Rochelle Lee Teacher Award, but Daphne does it with aplomb. Whether we’re in the office or over Zoom, Daphne is ready with a welcoming smile and a book recommendation.” – Niamh Burke

“Thank you to Daphne who ALWAYS has the answers and ALWAYS has a smile on her face!  We definitely would not have been able to do all these workshops without her!” – Blair Brodie

“Daphne is the true definition of someone who wants to advocate for students through supporting their teachers. I know she’s worked tirelessly around the clock (I mean for real – does the woman ever sleep?!) to make the workshops work well, and she’s done it all with a smile on her face.  I know WITS means so much to her, and it is reflected in everything that she does. I’m grateful to have her!” – Katherine Schuler

Join us in celebrating Daphne Robinson. WITS couldn’t function without you!

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