All Comics, No Capes

Nick WilsonBooks, Inside WITS

When people learn that I read comic books, they tend to assume they are of the superhero variety. While I have nothing against most who don capes, cowls, and other superhero … Read More

February: A Mood in Books

Annie KennedyBooks, Inside WITS

I’ve lived in the Midwest for most of my life. That’s over 30 years of Chicago winters that I’ve sledded down, lost my gloves in, and shoveled myself out of. … Read More

Meet Jessica Gilliam

Annie KennedyInside WITS

Jessica Gilliam (she/her) is one of three new program coordinators who joined the staff at WITS in November 2021. Read on to learn more about Jessica, why she loves The … Read More

Meet Erin Toale

Annie KennedyInside WITS

If you have checked out WITS’ social media accounts over the past year, you are already familiar with some of Erin Toale’s work! (If you don’t already follow us on … Read More