For more than 25 years WITS has served Chicago Public Schools students through private support from individuals, foundations, and corporations. WITS relies on your support to ensure that our programming is consistent and reliable at no-cost to our partner schools.

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Recurring donations

Make the committment to support a better public education by creating opportunities for every student in Chicago to be literate. Give monthly and  support teachers and students in Chicago all year long.

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Honor a loved one by supporting the life-enhancing benefits of literacy and a passion for learning.



Start a fundraising campaign in just a few minutes. Whether it is a bake sale or collecting donations for your birthday, your fundraiser will allow WITS to invest in programming where it is needed most. 

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matching gifts

Many employers will sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees.
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WITS is important to me because it addresses an ongoing need in the Chicago community: the enrichment of education and providing everyone the opportunity to succeed in reading. WITS truly inserts itself in places where it is needed the most, not necessarily those that are most convenient. WITS works, period. I feel confident that my time and financial resources are going where they are most needed, to a program with proven success.


WITS provides over
hours of literacy support and mentorship for elementary grade students.

WITS delivers

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of literacy mentorship each year in Chicago Public Schools.

Wits provides

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of literacy professional development for teachers.


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to the homes of students and classrooms of Rochelle Lee Teacher Awardees each year.

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annually through volunteer hours and direct programmitc investment in Chicago Public Schools students and teachers.


Support a community

WITS programs vary in cost depending on the depth of the program and the overall school size, with the average program cost running $20,000. A gift of this size will provide WITS programming in a Chicago public elementary school. By investing in a school, you are empowering students and promoting the WITS vision of creating opportunities for every student in Chicago to be literate. Please contact us to learn more about creating impactful literacy programming in Chicago Public Schools.

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The gift of a library

Access to quality books for our students and teachers is vital. Every year we send home books with each student in our volunteer programs to help them grow their “at-home libraries”. Additionally, Rochelle Lee Teacher Awardees are given stipends to create classroom libraries that also function as lending libraries for students. To make a book donation contact Ellen Werner.

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Exposure opportunites

WITS events offer great exposure opportunities for sponsors while providing essential operating support for our programming. For more information about our events please contact Alex Michel.

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Building Relationships with Students in a Virtual Environment

Join WITS for a panel discussion featuring three Chicago Public Schools educators who will share their perspective on leading and empowering small groups of students, and provide tips for strengthening relationships in a virtual environment.