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The Tale of Despereaux, Matilda, Eleanor & Park, The Jumbies, Golden Boy, and Change.
What do these titles have in common?

These popular books are all titles in the Boundless Readers Lending Library. The library offers more than 300 titles that are available for any current Rochelle Lee Teacher Award program participants and alumni to borrow. The Lending Library provides teachers to borrow classroom sets of books to use in their classroom to supplement their lessons and include in small group sessions.

Who can borrow these?
Lending Library titles

Teachers who have participated in the RLTA program are eligible to use this resource to supplement the books they have in their classrooms or schools. It’s important to note that RLTA awardees often use their grant money to purchase books for their classroom library. While they are not limited to purchasing single titles, and may buy multiple copies of books or sets, people may not want to purchase books that they will only use once or twice a year. Eligible teachers also include alumni of the Boundless Readers and Rochelle Lee Fund programs.

What’s the purpose?

The purpose of the library is to allow teachers to borrow books that they want to use in their classrooms for a specific lesson that aren’t readily available in their given school. Another reason is to have the option to borrow instead of purchasing with their own money just to use for a short period of time. Teachers can borrow books for three to four weeks which would allow enough time to aid in supplement for their lessons or units of study. There is no limit on the number of sets that a teacher may borrow or quantity of a particular title. Teachers may choose to borrow one copy to preview for themselves to create their lessons or loan enough for their entire classroom (generally twenty-four to thirty-two copies) of a title to use.

Lending Library

The books that are available in the Boundless Readers Lending Library are all cataloged and updated on Library Thing. For a complete list of titles that are available in the Lending Library, use this link to go to Library Thing.  To search the Boundless Readers titles, use the lower search field on the upper right (“Search This Library”).

Library Thing

There’s more…
Professional Texts Library

Another resource that is available to teachers is our selection of professional texts. Professional texts can be expensive and purchasing one for any reason can be cost prohibitive. For teachers who would like to use a book or preview it before purchasing their own copy, the RLTA program also has almost two hundred titles that are available for program alumni and awardees to peruse.

For more information or to borrow books from either the Lending Library or Professional Text Library, please contact Daphne Robinson.