How Student Choice Empowers Readers

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How Student Choice Empowers Readers

WITS reading sessions are designed to empower students to make choices. WITS provides a safe, fun space for students to read books outside their classroom assigned reading. During shared reading … Read More

Enhancing Activities with Books

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Enhancing Activities with Books

Here are several activities that can be enhanced with books to encourage a child to read or explore independently. Visit a museum. A trip to the museum doesn’t have to … Read More

WoW, The Power of STEM

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“What you do in math and engineering and science has a purpose to it; that there are huge challenges that we have to solve in how we have clean energy, … Read More

Scary Books for All Year

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Scary Children's Books

Our WITS students love scary stories. Here are a few of their favorites and some read-alikes for Halloween and beyond!  WITS Kindergarten students love “There Was an Old Lady Who … Read More