WITS Kindergarten: We Did It!

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A student with brown skin, pink cheeks, and long black hair in pigtails waves from a laptop screen on an orange table.

WITS is proud to celebrate the culmination of WITS Kindergarten Online for the 2020-2021 school year. Kindergarten is a great time to introduce students to the benefits of online learning. At this age, they are eager to explore the world around them with the help of technology. WITS was thrilled to offer educators and families an engaging online kindergarten curriculum to nurture that curiosity and creativity.

The activities and read alouds in WITS Kindergarten Online were designed to teach early learners the skills appropriate for their age and give them the tools and time to apply those skills in real-world environments. With WITS Kindergarten, students got the chance to be curious researchers in their community and explore empathy, character, and connections to the world around them. All read alouds and activities were delivered in English and Spanish. The Spanish read alouds presented by long-time WITS partner, Rosalba Granados. Research shows that receiving literacy opportunities in a child’s home language, such as Spanish, makes it easier for them to learn how to read in a second language, such as English.

The WITS Kindergarten Online curriculum is rooted in the principles of how children learn. The online platform harnesses the power of 21st-century technology to make learning come alive. WITS Kindergarten Online offered engaging content that provided a solid foundation in early literacy, writing, language, and word study, while also fostering a love of books and reading. All lessons were designed to help spark a child’s joy of learning.

Stay tuned for more information on how we are expanding our Early Childhood Summer Program. This upcoming Summer will feature exciting new educational videos for young learners.

Did you participate in WITS Kindergarten Online this year? We would love to hear what you thought. Your feedback will help us to create new content that best meets the needs of our community.