Volunteering as a Group with WITS

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Giving back by volunteering as a group is easy with WITS. By delivering and matching students with volunteers, WITS provides structure that focuses program time on building relationships and sharing stories. WITS reaches over 800 students in the Mid-Day Mentoring, Workplace Mentoring, and WITS on Campus programs each year. Bea Farmer and Randy Perillo, lead volunteers from BP, shared insights from their experience partnering with WITS to encourage other groups to consider joining the WITS team.

Why does BP partner with WITS and how does the work of WITS align with BP’s corporate citizenship?

BF: BP is very dedicated to community involvement. It aligns with one of our core values: Respect. We partner with WITS because WITS does a great job of helping Chicago Public Schools.

RP: Giving Back to the community is a very important part of BP’s culture. From WITS to the Wounded Warrior (Valor Games) programs, BP supports team members in many charitable ways.

How does WITS make it easy for BP employees to give back?

BF: The WITS programs are located at our offices. This helps our busy employees be able to dedicate one hour a week without having to go outside the office.

RP: Seeing the smiles as the kids come out of the elevator and see their mentors is definitely a highlight of the work week for me.

Why do you volunteer with WITS?

BF: It is so fulfilling to see the smiles on the faces of the students when they come to BP. They get excited to see their volunteers and all of the books provided by WITS. This enthusiasm is a great reward of volunteering.

RP: Partnering with WITS is something I am very proud of and I continue to look for ways I can increase my level of involvement. We are very fortunate to work for such a great company that encourages us to give the time back to the community we work and live in.

What is your favorite part about the WITS partnership?

BF: WITS makes it so easy for volunteers. Our WITS reps take care of so many of the details of the program. The volunteers only have to show up. The reps are also very enthusiastic and helpful. This program is very enjoyable and WITS does a great job!

RP: Our WITS partners take great pride and care of the volunteers and the kids we mentor. There is no stress for the hour a week the team spends with WITS.