WITS – The largest provider of literacy programming

Tena LatonaMission & Outcomes, Support

WITS began in a single classroom in 1991.

Today we are the largest provider of literacy programming to teachers and students in Chicago Public Schools.

There was a moment over the last 30 years when you decided to become part of WITS. You decided to play a role in Chicago students’ education,

  • You are a MENTOR – You have given your time to the students of Chicago. You’ve engaged in their lives, encouraged their growth, opened their eyes to new opportunities, surrounded them with care, and guided them in the journey to becoming lifelong readers. You are part of the 25,000 volunteers that have made WITS the largest yearly provider of volunteers to Chicago elementary schools since 1991.
  • You are a GIVER – You have invested financially in the reading growth and positive self-identity of 60,000 CPS students since our founding.  Your investment has sustained WITS. You have given us the necessary resources to help students build their at-home libraries, support teachers in deepening their literacy instruction, and influenced the literacy culture of hundreds of elementary schools. You have created a foundation built on the idea that being a reader brings joy and broadens knowledge.
  • You are a CONNECTOR – You have engaged in our mission that connects people across real and perceived boundaries throughout Chicago. When WITS shifted to virtual programs you continued to be engaged by logging on, sharing our digital resources,  and standing by our students as we all navigated an unchartered virtual world.
  • You are our FUTURE – You are reading this as WITS embarks on its most ambitious strategic plan to focus our program portfolio, realign our organizational operations, adapt to an ever-changing education landscape, improve outcomes for our schools, and be the best we can be for the future of Chicago.

Thank you.

For mentoring.

For giving.

For connecting.

For believing in our future.

Your support this year builds on our 30-year journey to becoming a meaningful part of our young people’s growth as informed, engaged, and passionate learners. Your gift puts students on a trajectory for success for the next 30 years. We got here together. And we are going to continue doing all that we can for the readers of Chicago together.