Student & Mentor Spotlight: Jaylon and James

WITSStudent & Mentor Spotlight

The Student Mentor Spotlight this month features Jaylon, a 7th grade student from Lawndale Community Academy, and his mentor James Benjamin, from BMO Harris Bank.

Student: Jaylon Davis, 7th grade student, Lawndale Community Academy

Mentor: James (Jamie) Benjamin, Senior Counsel, Legal Corporate & Compliance Group, BMO Financial Group

How did you first get involved with WITS? How long have you been a part of WITS?

Jaylon: Ms. Brandy (school coordinator) asked me if I would like to be in WITS. I said ‘sure’ and have been in WITS for about 3-4 years since.

Jamie: Someone in my department approached me to participate in WITS on my 1st day of work 3 years ago and I have been doing it ever since.

What do you do for fun when you’re not at WITS?

Jaylon: I hang out with friends and cook with my mom.

Jamie: When I am not at work, I am cooking and traveling (and eating that cooking).

What is one interesting thing about you that not a lot of people know?

Jaylon: I have 16 siblings.

Jamie: I speak Spanish at home.

What is your favorite thing about your mentor/student?

Jaylon: Jamie helps with homework. I really am not a ‘homework & reading’ person but he teaches me a lot of words.

Jamie: Jaylon has a great attitude. He is consistent and always eager to participate.

What is your favorite book that you’ve read with your mentor?

Jaylon: We read a lot of “fun facts” books about all sorts of topics: animals, insects, and geography.

Jamie: We both learn a lot!

Some authors use a pen name (a fake name) instead of their real name when they write a book. What would your pen name be?

Jaylon: Jay or Jay-Day.

Jamie: I would rearrange my name and call myself ‘J. Randall Benjamin’. It always sounded sophisticated to me!

Pizza plays a big role in WITS celebrations. If you could only eat one pizza topping for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jaylon: Meat lovers…Sausage.

Jamie: Pepperoni

Would you rather have a jellyfish for ears or a sting ray for feet?

Jaylon & Jamie: Jellyfish!! You cannot walk with sting ray feet.