Student & Mentor: Marlene and Heidi

WITSStudent & Mentor Spotlight

Student Mentor Marlene and Heidi

Marlene, a fourth grade student from McClellan Elementary, and her mentor Heidi from Morgan Stanley interviewed each other for the Student & Mentor Spotlight this month.

What book are you and your mentor currently reading together
The Meatloaf Monster

If you and your mentor were stuck on a desert island, what is the one book you would bring with you?
Student: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Volunteer: Lord of the Flies

What is one thing you and your mentor have in common?
We both like pepperoni pizza!

Marlene Student QuoteIf your mentor was an art supply, what would they be and why?
Student: Construction paper because when Heidi comes in she brightens my day with colors.
Volunteer: Paintbrush and paint so I can make a gorgeous painting.

What would your mentor’s superhero name and superpower be?
Student: Magnificent Marlene – Fly and I will turn the monsters into nice ones so they could help out people.
Volunteer: Green Goblin – turning people green.

What do you admire about your mentor?
Student: I admire everything about her!
Volunteer: Marlene’s persistence and dedication to reading.

If you and your mentor could be any animal, which animal would she be and why?
Student: Dolphin because they are my favorite and I love swimming!
Volunteer: A dog, because they love and care for people.

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