National Audiobook Month

Tra'Lisha RenteriaBooks

The month of June is National Audiobook Month! To celebrate, find one of your favorite books in audio form and listen to it while doing one of your daily activities. Over the years, audiobooks have become just as popular as paperback books. Audiobook listeners read or listened to an average of 15 books in the last year, and 57% of listeners agreed or strongly agreed that “audiobooks help you finish more books.” (Audio Publisher’s Association Consumer Sale Survey, 2018). If you’re looking for a title to try, The Audio Publisher’s Association has an award called The Audie Awards®. The Audie Awards® recognizes distinction in audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment.The award has many categories besides Audiobook of the Year, like Best Female Narrator, Humor, Spanish Language, and Multi-Voiced Performance. You can check out the 2021 Audie Award winners here.

Due their growing popularity, there are several ways to find audiobooks to listen to. You can even listen to some audiobooks for free. One way to find free audio books for both children and adults is to check with your local library. Having a library cards gives to access to a variety of free resources the library has to offer. Another resource to find audiobooks for children using Epic! In order to use Epic!, parents would have to register their child. After registering, you will have a whole collection or e-books to choose from. To find the audiobooks, you can filter books using the audiobooks filter.

There are many benefits to listening to audiobooks. Some include building listening skills for children and improving time management. Overall, audiobooks have the same benefits of reading. Whether you want to listen to a short story or novel on your car ride, while you do your household chores or as a bedtime story to help you fall asleep, you can access most audiobooks from your cellphone, tablets, and computers. This month try listening to your favorite book or even try listening to a story you have never read before. Audiobooks are a fun way to bring books to life!