Meg Hiestand: Why I choose WITS

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Why I choose WITS

Meg HiestandWITS has the most generous and invested donors in the city of Chicago. Meg Hiestand, Chicago White Sox Coordinator of Community Relations, has been a champion of WITS for four years. Read why Meg chooses to invest her time and financial resources in WITS.

Why is WITS important to you?

WITS is important to me because it addresses an ongoing need in the Chicago community: the enrichment of education and providing everyone the opportunity to succeed in reading. WITS truly inserts itself in places where it is needed the most, not necessarily those that are most convenient. WITS works, period. I feel confident that my time and financial resources are going where they are most needed, to a program with proven success.

What makes you continue to give to WITS?

I continue to give to WITS because I have seen its impact firsthand. I read with a student every Wednesday, and have done so for four years. I see the improvement across the course of a year in each student, simply with some one-on-one time each week. I also feel that WITS as an organization is incredibly organized and detailed. I am always clear on their mission, goals, and utilization of volunteers and financial resources.Reading is the concrete base on which we all build our life

Why do you think literacy is important to our society?

Literacy is important in society because it is the key to absolutely everything. Being able to read well and achieving a high level of reading comprehension only increases an individual’s chances to success in whatever they decide to pursue. I also find that the more extensive of a vocabulary an individual possesses, the better they are able to express themselves in all situations. Reading is the concrete base on which we all build our life.