Student & Mentor: Lonnell and Justin

WITSStudent & Mentor Spotlight

Student Mentor Spotlight Lonnell and Justin

Lonnell, a fifth grade student from Fairfield Academy, and his mentor Justin from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago interviewed each other for the Student & Mentor Spotlight this month.

WITS Student and MentorWhat book are you and your partner currently reading together?
National Geographic Kids: Robots

If you and your partner were stuck on an island, what is one book you would bring with you?
Student: A book on how to get off the island
Mentor: One of the Harry Potter books

What is one thing you and your partner have in common?
We both like science

If your partner was an art supply, what would they be and why?
Student: My mentor would be a colored pencil because he makes it easy for me to learn
Mentor: he would be a drafting compass, because he is very precise

What would your partner’s superhero name and superpower be?
Student: he would have invisibility powers and his name would be Sneaky Spy
Mentor: FlyFlash because he would love to fly fast

What do you admire about your reading partner?
Student: I like that he has a lot in common with me
Mentor: I admire that he is ambitious with his goals

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