Introducing the WITS 30th Anniversary Celebration

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We welcome you to celebrate our 30th Anniversary of Building Communities and Empowering Readers. As the world continues to evolve and reemerge, so do we. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, WITS will not be hosting our traditional annual large-scale event, the Blackboard Affair Gala. Instead, we are excited to celebrate 30 years of WITS in a variety of smaller ways that will span the entire year.

WITS Virtual Program

As part of the WITS 30th Anniversary Celebration, we are excited to honor the Chicago White Sox as our Corporate Partner of the Year. Their ongoing service, dedication, and care for students through their support and participation in programming is an asset to the organization. The White Sox are a committed organization on the baseball diamond and in the community. WITS’ partnership with the White Sox has always focused on supporting students and families in Chicago. Since 2009, more than 300 White Sox employees and staff have taken the short walk down the street from their offices at Guaranteed Rate Field to a nearby southside neighborhood school, McClellan Elementary, to mentor more than 200 students.

Chicago White Sox Charities surprising WITS with a 2020 grant.

The WITS Associates Board will receive the Alter & Stone Outstanding Volunteer Award at the WITS 30th Anniversary Celebration for their exceptional service to the institution. The Associates Board was founded in 2001 and are a community of young professionals dedicated to WITS’ mission through philanthropic efforts and raising awareness of literacy in Chicago. With quarterly meetings, volunteer opportunities, and social events, Associates Board members network with others who are interested in making a difference in their communities and empowering readers.

WITS Associate Board Members

The WITS Associates Board are launching the “Battle of the Classes” –  a fundraising campaign that will divide 21 years of Associates Board members and alumni into grade bands with a fundraising goal of $100,000. To support the work of the WITS Associates Board, and cheer on your favorite class, donate to their pages here: SENIORS, JUNIORS, SOPHOMORES, FRESHMAN.

Save the Date

The main celebration for WITS 30th Anniversary will take place on Saturday, December 11, 2021. This event will be a 90s themed DJ Dance Party – featuring WITS’ favorite DJ, DJ Major Taylor. Tickets for the event will go on sale in September, and can be purchased on the WITS 30th website:

WITS Summer Books bag delivery

By giving to WITS, you are investing in both short-term solutions that help us adapt to unusual circumstances, as well as long-term innovation that will make our programs more accessible and valuable to the communities we serve for years to come.

We cannot wait to celebrate what we have spent the last 30 years building together.