Celebrating Philip Hildebrandt: Alter & Stone Outstanding Volunteer Awardee

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Celebrating Philip Hildebrandt

Philip Hildebrandt became the President of the WITS Board of Directors in July 2011 and became the Chairman in July 2015. Under his guidance, WITS experienced 120% revenue growth. Hildebrandt provided leadership alongside other past presidents of the organization through the merger with Boundless Readers that expanded WITS program offerings to include teacher professional development. This merger tripled the number of WITS partner schools and took the number of students affected by WITS programming from 2,762 in 2012 to 5,116 in 2019.

Current Chairman of the WITS Board, Jeremy Cole, says, “Phil has been a transformative force on the WITS board. He empowered the board the old-fashioned way:  leading by example and holding people accountable.  WITS would not be nearly what it is today without Phil’s support.  Both WITS and I are forever grateful for his service, leadership and friendship.” 

Phil will receive the Alter & Stone Outstanding Volunteer Award at the 2019 WITS Blackboard Affair for his exceptional service to the institution.

Philip Hildebrandt with WITS students.