A Love Letter to Our Community

Ashley BloomPartnerships, Volunteers

A Love Letter to Our Community featured image

Today on Valentine’s Day, we want to express our heartful thanks to our steadfast WITS community. WITS is a movement of educators, volunteers, and investors coming together to support better public education in Chicago for each and every student.

Below are just a few reasons why we love everyone who is part of our WITS community:

  • We love how our students express themselves in program and how their confidence grows over the school year. At WITS, students develop positive self-identity and foundational literacy skills through one-on-one reading mentorship with supportive, caring adults.
  • We love how our educators can purchase new books for their classrooms that best meet their students’ needs and interests. On average, a CPS teacher buys 85 new books for their classroom through the Rochelle Lee Teacher Award book grant.
  • We love how our schools do not have to pay for WITS. WITS is 100% free, regardless of school or city budgets. WITS school partners rely on WITS to provide consistent, equitable literacy support to CPS students every school year.
  • We love how our mentors are consistent. Their enthusiasm, passion, and commitment demonstrate their support to our students on a weekly basis. Mentors’ weekly engagement in shared reading and community building is at the heart of our programs.
  • We love how our donors trust in the work we do. Contributions from individuals, companies, and foundations allow us to do our work. We depend on the generosity of others to continue to support the literacy needs of our schools and students.
  • We love how our staff builds community within our programs and with each other. The WITS staff are committed to building a caring and supportive environment, creating an impact for our students, and learning from others.

WITS would not be where we are today without the support of our community. Each of you makes WITS a very special place.


Note: To revisit ways we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day in the past, check out the WITS blog “Not Your Average Valentine’s Day Books” to get a refreshing (still on-theme!) take on how children’s books express love and gratitude in honor of this day, and all year-round.