5 Great WITS Memories

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I have been so lucky to be a Program Coordinator at WITS for the past two years, and to have worked with students from Perez, McAuliffe, Brownell, and McClellan. As I prepare to leave for graduate school, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite WITS memories.

Working with My Mentee

I volunteered at the Perez Workplace Mentoring program with Jones Day during the 2017-18 program year, which was a lot of fun. It was a blast working with my student, Amorosa, a Perez 3rd grader. We read several spooky books, did lots of math homework, and spent a lot of time laughing. It was always the highlight of my week.

Thank My Mentor Activity

During Mentorship Month, students and mentors wrote about why they’re important to each other. I loved reading their messages; some of my students drew pictures of their favorite things about their mentors, and students especially loved seeing what their mentors wrote about them.

ECSP Graduation

Running the Early Childhood Summer Program at McAuliffe was such a joy. During this program, rising Kindergartners practice their letters, read stories out loud, do arts and crafts, and much more. At the end of this program, like all WITS programs, students get a bag of books to take home. We held a graduation ceremony where our students were called up one-by-one were to the front of the class to collect a certificate with their name on it and their books. They were so excited to be honored and it was a wonderful way to end the summer program.

Love You a Bunch Brunch

One of my favorite WITS traditions (and there are many!) is our annual Love You a Bunch Brunch. We make sweet and savory waffles and hang out together. It’s a really nice time to come together and appreciate each other!

SAIC Field Trip

WITS on the Weekend students go on three field trips a year. Last year, we had an exciting field trip to the School of the Art Institute. Students got to learn about 3D printers, look at woodworking tools, hear from current students, and even got to take home some art. It was particularly exciting to hear students talk about how they could see themselves as students at SAIC.

It has been an exciting two years, filled with truly wonderful students, volunteers, and staff, and I’ve made so many memories. I am so grateful. Thank you! Until next time!


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