What is a Book Talk?

Ellen WernerPrograms, Volunteers

What is a book talk

A Book Talk is like a very short “commercial” for a book. The goal of Book Talks is to share favorite books so that students can learn about titles recommended by their peers. It is also a great low-pressure way to practice making connections, an important comprehension skill.

A Great Book Talk Answers the Questions:
  1. What is the title?
  2. Who is the author?
  3. What is it all about?
    • Nonfiction: What is the main idea? “Bearded dragons are reptiles that make great pets.”
    • Fiction: What is the story about? “Princess Magnolia has adventures with her pony Frimplepants.”
  4. What did you learn/what is your connection to or opinion about the book?
    • Nonfiction: “I learned that bearded dragons eat crickets and worms.”
    • Fiction: “The Princess in Black reminded me of Frozen because they both have brave princesses.”
Check out these “How to do a Book Talk” Videos.