WITSummer Books Highlights 2021

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We are excited to wrap up this very unusual year with our annual tradition of WITSummer Books. Like in past years, WITS is giving a selection of diverse, high-interest books … Read More

What is a Book Talk?

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What is a book talk

A Book Talk is like a very short “commercial” for a book. The goal of Book Talks is to share favorite books so that students can learn about titles recommended … Read More

Ghost Stories for All Ages

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It’s spooky season! October is a perfect time to curl up with some good ghost stories. WITS often discusses how important it is for children of all backgrounds to read … Read More

Baby Books: Black Kids Being Kids

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Recently, there’s been a huge interest in diverse books and books about race and racism. Children’s books specifically about race and racism are important. Equally important are books that feature … Read More