Founded in 1991, the Classroom Reading Tutor (CRT) program is WITS’ inaugural program, and began the grassroots movement to promote literacy in community schools. Volunteers are paired with Chicago Public School teachers based on location and grade preferences. Together, the teacher and CRT create a schedule and select activities that suit the needs of the classroom. Volunteers are expected to visit the school at least 2-4 hours per week, providing support from their first day onsite until the end of the school year. CRTs often work one-on-one, or with small groups of students to build literacy skills. Classroom activities may include (but are not limited to):

One-on-one or small group read-alouds
Word Work (vocabulary, letter sound identification, vowel sounds)
Literary circles or Book Clubs
One-on-one reading comprehension help
Writing conferences
Phonics, rhyming, word family, and/or sight word games