WITSummer Books

Each WITS student works with mentors for an entire school year to develop foundational reading skills and improve their attitude toward reading. To celebrate their progress and commitment made over this time, WITS rewards each student with a set of five high-interest, age-appropriate, and culturally diverse books to build at-home libraries of their own. Students are awarded these five books at the end of the school year, to be read over Chicago Public Schools’ summer break.

WITSummer Books helps WITS build communities and empower readers. Learn more about why WITSummer Books are an important part of WITS' formula for spreading the love of reading with students here.

Each WITSummer Book given to students are carefully curated to engage and develop them as young readers. Find out how WITS  selects titles for WITSummer Books here.

Support WITSummer Books

  • $750 provides WITSummer Books for an entire classrooms
  • $500 builds a classroom library for a Rochelle Lee Teacher Awardee
  • $150 gives WITSummer Books to five students
  • $30 gives WITSummer Books to one student




Building Communities. Empowering Readers.